Waterfall & Gorge

- Full Credits

Being born and raised in the Niagara Falls area, I've always been fascinated by waterfalls. I decided to take this interest and create a a serene morning atmosphere with a style that referenced origami and the fluidity of cloth.

During my last semester at the Columbus College of Art and Design I focused on teaching myself Houdini and procedural techniques. Creating this piece allowed me to experiment with numerous parts of the Houdini work flow including voxel and particle simulation with a splash of python scripting.

Brief Breakdown

This tool can be broken down into two parts. The first is a curve that is defined by where the user moves the translate tool. The second is a stream of particles, which is attracted to the user-defined curve, that connect together to create a curve which is used to create the geometry.

An Early Look

Here are some renders of from when I was trying to decide how much or how little detail I wanted in the mountain compared to the boulders and rocks. You can also see that I was experimenting with where the water would be.

I'd like to thank Max Ulichney and my professor Charlotte Belland for their guidance with this project.