Discover: Process

- Director, Compositor, Layout Artist, Motion Artist, Modeler, Lighter

During my senior year at the Columbus College of Art and Design I was awarded the job of directing "The Pipeline Project". The Project gives students the opportunity to experience the full production of a motion piece in a relatively short time period. This specific project's goal was to create a promotion piece that could represent the Columbus College of Art and Design through a student’s perspective.

In this piece I tried to give the viewer an insight into an artist’s process; a process that has been nourished by CCAD's entire creative community. I went on to brainstorm subsequent pieces for an overall campaign on this student perspective theme would cover topics such as an artist’s Inspiration, Lifestyle, and Experiences.

The Pipeline

Rob Burton, VP of Starz Animation, shared with us the pipeline charts they use for feature films and VFX pieces for reference on our project. Obviously since this projects life span was only set for a month, and we had a relatively small crew, we required a sleeker model. This was the final chart that we tried to follow as close as possible and it worked pretty well for us.


To see a full list of everyone who worked on this project visit: CCAD Pipeline Project