MEL: Procedural Pine Cone

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As you may not know, a pine cone follows the Golden Angle found very often in nature. Which, in the case of a pine cone, results in each stem being mathematically placed to make the whole package ridiculously efficient. If you haven't heard of this you should really check it out, it is quite amazing.

Happy Accidents

Well, I ended up going around in a full circle before achieving my final result. I began with inputting an equation to achieve the golden angle which gave me great results until the 260th iteration, when the pattern would break. However, it did allow me to produce some interesting results such as what appeared to be a snake coming out of a basket.

Deciding that a snake w/basket and pine cones aren't considered similar, I trudged onward. I then created a system of spirals that would be evenly placed around a circle for it's base. This also gave me some cool results but none of them seemed to fit the bill.

Under the Hood

Turns out that the issue I had experienced earlier was caused by inputing degrees into the equasion. MEL does offer sind() and cosd() functions to directly input degrees, but the standard functions use radians. After sorting out this issue, I was able to achieve my final result.