MEL: Distribution Tool

- Full Credits

Can you tell what is CG in this image? Roll over the image to see if your right!

To show off what my distribution tool can do, I decided to distribute ferns across a surface, and then deform that surface into position to match my back plate. The image above is the end result after applying image-based lighting and doing a quick composite in Photoshop.

From Idea to Reality

The core purpose of this tool is distribute objects across a surface that can be static or animated and, if desired, the objec ts will "stick" to that surface. The end result was achieved by the placing objects according to random UV values and using a quick collision detection solution to first make sure there isn't an object within any other object's radius.

Scattering the Fern

Distributiong these ferns is only one of many possible applications for this tool aand there is a lot of funcionality that is available beyond the UI. So keep a look out for other projects of mine that will be using this tool in the future.